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auto accident

Christina M. v. Paula L

Christina Mantzouris was 25 when she was struck head on by a negligent driver suffering a herniated disc in her lower back at L4-L5. Fusion surgery recommended but to be delayed because of her age. Initial offer 18K. On third day of trial, settled for 500K..

Ashley v. Commercefirst Bank, Inc., Et Al.

Mr. Ashley operated a restaurant in a building owned the bank. After a protracted business dispute, the Vice President of the bank entered the restaurant with a shotgun and threatened to kill Mr. Ashley, Mr. Rosenthal, and Mr. Motley. At the conclusion of a two week jury trial in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, in which included 26 witnesses, the jury returned a verdict for both punitive and compensatory damages in excess of 6 million dollars.

auto accident

Bowens v. Safeco Ins. Co. Of America

On the eve of trial, this personal injury case settled for policy limits in the amount of $250,000. Mrs. Bowens was involved in a low speed rear end car accident in Cecil County, Maryland, which resulted in two bulging discs causing sciatica.

Watkins v. Morgan State University Department of Police and Public Safety, Et Al.

Ms. Watkins was a security guard at Morgan State University and having a relationship with a Morgan State University Police officer. While they were on duty, they had an argument. Anthony Brown sprayed her in the face with pepper spray, bent her arm behind her back, threw her on the ground, handcuffed her, and then sprayed her in the face with pepper spray a second time. The jury awarded $200,000.

police brutality
Negligence and Fraud

Bradley v. Bradley

Mr. Bradley married two different women, without being divorced. He made misrepresentations concerning his marital status to the second wife, which included presenting a counterfeit divorce decree. Based on his misrepresentations, the second wife not only married him, but retired from a lucrative career to help him tend to his disabled son. Upon learning of his misrepresentations, she sued for an annulment. When Mr. McDowell took over the case from the previous lawyer, he added counts for misrepresentation and fraud. After a two week trial, the jury award punitive and compensatory damages in the amount of $469,000.

Holden v. Mack

Members of an Irish crime family traveled the east coast stealing antiques from antique dealers in various cities to ship their stolen antiques back to Ireland. Mr. Mack, of E. A. Mack Antiques, Howard Street, Baltimore, was one of their victims. When he learned their identity, he had them charged criminally in Baltimore City. But when the State's Attorney for Baltimore City dismissed the cases against the Irish crime family, they hired local lawyers to sue Mr. Mack for 2 million dollars for false arrest. Mr. McDowell not only successfully defended Mr. Mack against the Irish crime family, but he counter sued the Irish family for conversion of Mr. Mack's antiques and received an award of almost a million dollars in Mr. Mack's favor.

International Negligence
Personal Injury

Lauterbach, et ux. v. Maryland Stadium Authority, et al.

Mrs. Lauterbach slipped on black ice at the Raven’s Stadium parking lot.  She sustained significant injuries and her case settled before trial for $100,000.00.

Clark v. Damon’s Grill

Mrs. Clark tripped on an extension cord that stretched across the floor of a restaurant in Hunt Valley, Maryland, and was covered by a throw carpet.  She suffered injuries as a result of tripping and falling over that throw carpet.  Her case settled for $100,000.00.

Personal Injury

Criminal Defense Verdicts

State Of Maryland v. Yataco

Dr. Yataco was accused of fondling 14 of his patients. He was facing more than 100 years in jail. After Mr. McDowell and his team performed a thorough investigation of the facts, the State's case appeared weak and offered Dr. Yataco a favorable plea agreement whereby the doctor would serve less than three years in jail.

State Of Maryland v. Mundy

Mrs. Mundy was charged with prescription fraud. Verdict: not guilty.

State Of Maryland v. Peddicord

Mr. Peddicord was charged with boating under the influence.  Verdict: Not Guilty.

State Of Maryland v. Kolts

Driving home from work, Mr. Kolts fell asleep while exiting 695 and crashed through a highway sign. Mr. Kolts was charged with Driving Under the Influence. Body Worn Camera revealed any field sobriety test abnormalities could have been as a result of injuries. Verdict: Not Guilty.

United States v. Deandre Williams

Mr. Williams was falsely accused of being a felon in possession of a handgun by the notorious Baltimore City Gun Squad. Mr. Williams was exonerated after a criminal trial in federal court.

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