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Nursing Home Abuse Cases

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Nursing Home Negligence

One of the most prevalent problems in nursing home care is the development of bed sores and the vigilant treatment of those sores. The medical personnel and staff have a duty to identify and aggressively treat those sores because the sores can develop rapidly, and lead to life altering and fatal conditions. We care not only about the person who is injured, but making a difference so that the standard of care is improved. We hope that through our efforts, we can improve the quality of care in the future.

Most bed sores result from negligent care. Health care aides, nurses and doctors all know that an immobile person must be turned and re-positioned regularly.

In this pandemic many healthcare facilities are overwhelmed and understaffed. Family is prohibited from seeing their loved ones, many of whom are immobile and must be re-positioned throughout the day. During this pandemic there has been a spike in bed sore cases because health care aides are not routinely rotating patients.

If this has happened to your loved one, we can help.

Hard to believe, but this firm has represented patients who were physically abused by nursing home staff.
Who is Responsible?

Not only is the health care aide, nurse or doctor who failed to properly care for your loved one, but the facility or institution is responsible for the conduct of their employees.

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